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The internet of things(IoT) is set to revolutionize the way we live and work. Home automation is one of the most critical domains for companies and consumers as it deals with the process of home appliances being controlled automatically. This technology can be deployed under Wi-Fi through apps or an ingenious IP system. A new wave of smart homes deployed with products controlled by remote technology can make our life easier, comfortable, convenient and safe.

Toccolifestyle presents comprehensive scalable home automation security systems that adopts IoT as a leading technology to provide complete remote access of all your devices at the simple tap of a button routed through intelligent Apps on Android Phones, as well as IP series Guard Stations (SIP enabled). SIP meaning Session Initiation Protocol, is a very flexible protocol to initiate, maintain, modify and terminate real-time sessions between two endpoints for various communications devices. SIP based systems render superior scalability, portability, interoperability, quality and a winning price value.

Toccolifestyle delivers a comprehensive suite of IoT home automation systems globally for seamless control of all our residential aspects. Toccolifestyle started pioneering electronics & IoT as early as 2008.Our vision to deploy automated systems for residential & commercial systems started in 2009, with KNX partnership, and launched our first IP community for video door system in 2015. We also finished our ZigBee Zigwave protocol on all our IoT products.



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